Saturday, February 19, 2011

slowing things down was just what Jenna needed

We took it easy all week and it worked out good. We had a four day week. She worked on Math(Horizons k book 2 and online math facts), reading, writing and geography practice online. Next week is winter break for the schools around here, so we will have another light week. She will begin working on some art projects for her upcoming art show.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Just a quick update

It was another 4 day week, which is okay because Jenna is already doing school work that was for next year. We had a rough start to the week, she had a couple days filled with some tears and groans of not wanting to do school. So we took it super easy this week. I am going to do the same this coming week. We will be covering math and reading, but I am not going to push her to do more unless she wants too. At this age, I believe it is best to go at the childs pace and right now she needs to slow down. Oh and we will make sure to have fun everday as always.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

4 day week once again

Well it is now February and it's getting closer to spring. This week was almost the same as last week. Jenna and I spent the beginning of the week outside playing after school, but then the temps got too cold once again to play outside. Not much to say about this school week, it seems redundant, I need to mix things up a bit.

Math - Horizon K book 2 - not too much left in this workbook. I only had her do two lessons. She also worked on her math facts.

Reading - Explode the code 3 - she did one lesson. She will be done with this workbook by the end of the month. She also read aloud.

Spelling - Spelling workout B - she is working on lesson 7. We are going to continue with this lesson next week.

Grammer - First language lessons 1 - she loves her lessons.She has mastered the common and proper nouns it was a proud moment for her.

Writing - Writing with ease 1 - She doesn't like the copy work or the narration too much, but it needs to be done so she does it.

Geography - She is ready to go to Asia next, she has mastered North America.

Like I said it was a short week.