Friday, November 18, 2011

It's been a long time since I blogged

I can't believe it's been over a month since I last blogged. Schooling has been going great here. Jenna has joined daisy's which she loves. She has lost two teeth so far. And celebrated her 6th birthday this past Tuesday.

Math - Horizon math grade 1 book 1 - she has around 20 lessons to go. We do this 4 times a week. She also goes over math addition facts and money 4 times a week as well. Soon we will start working on her subtraction facts. Timed math drill is done on Fridays.

Spelling - Spelling Workout B - 14 lessons to go on this. We work on spelling 4 to 5 times a week. We do a pretest, the lessons in book, I have her put the words in alphabetical order, write sentences for some of the words and then we test at end of week.

Grammer - First Language Lessons 1 - around 25 lessons left in this. We have slowed down somewhat to make it last til at least the end of the year.

Writing - Writing with ease 1 - I believe we have 12 lessons left in this. So we are slowing this down as well to make it last til at least the end of the year. I am going to begin in January having her do narrations and some copy work from science as well.

Reading -  She likes to read with me and independently as well. I would say she reads for an hour or more 5 times a week.

Geography - we will start this back up next month for a couple of weeks before the holidays.

We also took some time to learn about the five senses, pumpkins, spiders and Thanksgiving.
This coming week is a short week, I'm thinking 2 days. It will be filled with some Thanksgiving crafting and maybe some Christmas list making.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

week of the October 10th

Another successful week here.

Math - Reviewed coins, addition facts and did 5 lessons in her Horizon 1st grade book 1(learned to add double digits)

Reading - Finished up Ramona and her Father, read lots of fall books together. And she did alot of reading on her own throughout the week.

Spelling - She did lesson 17 in Spelling Workout B, she can spell all the words coorect except for people, for some reason she keeps putting an a instead of o. This coming week is review so hopefully by the end of the week she will get that word spelled correctly.

Writing - Writing with Ease 1 narration is slowly getting somewhat better, copy work is okay when she takes her time.

Grammer - First Language Lessons 1 - finished up learning about Pronouns, she loved it. reviewed all her poems she learned so far.

Handwriting - Daily writing Today is, month, date and year. Sometimes I add a second sentence for her to copy about the weather or something that has happened.

Geography - Worked in her Weekly Reader, she learned about map symbols, how to read them and to locate them on a map.

Art -            she made a cute owl and scarecrow for our Fall wall.

Science - read a lets read and find out book about leaves.

It was a good week.

Friday, October 7, 2011

2 week post

I forgot to blog last week. So this will be a two week update. Jenna's excitement about school this year is priceless.  Everyone was telling me to put her in school, but I had no doubt that schooling her at home was the right thing to do. In school she would not be thriving academically as she is at home. And for the socialization part which seems to bother people more about homeschooling than the academics, well there are many other resources for her to thrive socially. Now I have two older girls that attended public school and I know for a fact that homeschooling wouldn't of been a good fit for them. Some of my favorite parts about homeschooling is that I know my daughter better than anyone else, so I know what works and what doesn't. I know her learning style and can   pick her curriculum to fit that learning style. She is in K this year, but is in a different grade level in most of her subjects. I love that she gets one on one attention in all her subjects. We can get a day of school done in shorter time than public school and accomplish much more.  Also, sleeping in, staying in jammies and eating while going over math facts or money is all advantages. But the best part of all is playing a major role in my daughters education and seeing all her acomplishments first hand.

Okay enough of that, now about Jenna's schooling the last two weeks.

Math - Horizon book 1 1st grade we ended with lesson 35 and she is excited to start adding double digits next week. We also did some addition math facts, money and some apple graphing.

Reading - She finished up Ramona and her Mother and started Ramona and her Father today. And lots and lots of fall books. Explode the Code book 7 is done yeah, Jenna is happy that we are almost done with explode the code, one more book to go.

Spelling - Spelling book B lesson 15 and 16 completed. She loves the profreading the best.

Grammer - First Language Lessons 1 she finished up nouns and made a poster to show what she learned.  4 poems memorized and working on the 5th she has it almost all memorized. Also did some worksheets here and there for reinforcement.

Writing - Writing with Ease book 1 - she doesn't mind the copy work but doesn't like the nararation, but isn't bad at it. we also worked on some worksheets about sentences in their proper form. And some unscramble the sentence sheets.

Vocabulary - Wordly Wise K she did one lesson

Geography - We did some review and started working on a weekly reader grade 2 that I picked up at a yard sale. She really enjoys it.

Leaves and apples have been our science and art the past two weeks. She made some really cool coffee filter leaves for our big tree on our fall wall, made some trees out of papertowel rolls to go with what we learned in The Seasons Of Arnold's Apple Tree, made an apple man, a tree with pencil eraser apples, learned about our 5 senses with the apples, wrote an acrostic poem about apples, made an apple man and did some apple picking and growing sequencing.

Penpal - She finally started writing to one of her penpals again this week.

Well that's about it. We have had lots of learning and fun these past two weeks.

Friday, September 23, 2011

2nd full week of school

I can't believe how fast this week went. Jenna is excited that fall has arrived and is looking forward to some fall crafting. She picked out her Halloween costume the other day.

I came up with an idea to give jenna an incentive to push her out of her comfort zone. I am going to start her treasure box with little dollar store items(maybe even some candy which is a big deal to a kid who hardly ever gets candy) and doing things out of her comfort zone will earn her points. After so many points she gets to pick from the treasure box. I was very pleased and proud of my little girl this week. Yesterday we went to visit Miss Patti at her hair shop and Jenna recited two poems from her grammer lessons to her. Jenna has a very hard time doing this in front of anyone but me, so this was a huge thing. She stood up straight, looked right at her, and spoke very clearly.

Reading - Jenna flew through explode the code book 5 this week, what I forgot is we did some of book 5 and book 6 before book 4 this school year. So at her request I am not going to make her finish book 6 and go right to book 7. I am not too concerned because Jenna is only using this program as a reinforcement of everything she has already learned. We finished reading Ramona The Pest today and started are fourth book Ramona And Her Mother. We havn't purchased the other 4 books yet, but they are on our wish list.

Writing - She started back up with Writing With Ease 1, lesson 14. She did this twice this week and we will continue doing it twice a week. I like the idea of doubling up the days. She also worked on some sentence worksheets the rest of the week.

Spelling - Spelling Workout A, lesson 14. She spelled all the words correctly on monday, but i still had her do all the work for that lesson, so 3 days of workbook pages. Then I requizzed her on Thursday and again she spelled them correctly. So that puts us at spelling 4 times a week.

Grammer- First Language Lessons 1 - She finished with lesson 29 and worked on memorizing her third poem. We also did some worksheets on nouns.

Handwriting - I had her practice daily, writing her full name, the day, month, date and the year on line paper.

Math - She is still working on addition facts need to make up some subrtraction facts as well. We did this and working on money 4 times this week. She also did a bunch of lessons in her Horizon 1st grade book 1 and took test 2 today. So she ended with lesson 20.

Geography - We reviewed the world map and then talked about our continent. She identified the countries in North Americia and then we looked at the map of Untied States. She can identify New York, California, Texas, Flordia, Hawaii and Alaska. She also worked out of a workbook about being able to read neighborhood maps.

Phys. Ed. - The weather was beautiful yesterday so she went bike riding. The rest of the days are spent running around the house pretending to be a super hero, dancing to moms radio thats on everyday, hopping and skipping.

Well this was Jennas week of school. I spent this afternoon after school pulling out some fall colored paper in hopes of creating a fall banner this weekend. That will be Art class, lol.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Kindergarten started Wednesday, September 7th

 I never expected to be on a break for as long as we were. From now on we are schooling year round with only short breaks in between.  A new school year has begun. Jenna's first official year of homeschooling. We are both excited. The last week and a half has been filled with lots of review. I am surprised at how much she has retained from last school year. She is eager to get right to work each day and get everything done without any breaks. So are goal is to start school by 10 and be done before 2.

So here's what we have planned so far for this year. With more to be added as I see the need or Jenna asks for to be added.

Math - Horizon math 1st grade book 1
            Addition and subtraction math facts
Reading - Explode the code books 4 - 8 (book 4 was started last school year)
                Chapter books reading aloud (her reading to me and me as well to her)
                Silent time reading were she will pick a book and go of and read by herself

Spelling - Spelling work out book B (started this last year up to lesson 12)

Hand writing - Working on neatness and still working on some formation of some letters
                       hopefully handwriting without tears 2nd grade book

Grammer - First language lessons book 1
                  some worksheets from online to reinforce what she's learned

Writing- Writing with ease 1 (which we started last school year and will be starting again soon)
     I really hope to purchase this

Vocabulary -  Wordly Wise K (used a little bit last year)

Science-        Dinasaurs and hopefully nature study
                     In January Real Science Odyssey life

Geography - I have a mixture of material to use from different resources

History -       I would like to do some pre history before starting Story of the world 1 ancients
Art -             Some fun seasonal projects
                     Artistic Pursuit the preschool book (did a handful of lessons in this last school year)

phys ed -      Everday play and hopefully soon our wii will be fix to do wii fit plus

extra things -  Jenna wants to learn sign language, cursive writing and I want her to learn latin (song school 
                     latin is suppose to be a good start for her age)

So this is our agenda for this year.
This is what we've done so far this school year
Math - Horizon first grade book 1 - She did lessons 1 - 10
            Also worked on addition facts and money
Reading - Read two chapter books Beezus and Ramona
                                                      Ramona the brave
                 Explode the code book 4 -  did 8 lessons 2 more to go
Spelling - Reviewed words from last year will be starting new words next week
Hand writing - I have her writing her full name, the day, month, date and year everday on lined paper
Vocabulary -  Wordly Wise K - we did one lesson
Grammer - First Language lessons 1 - still working on nouns from last year and she has memorized two
Geography -  we reviewed from last year
That's it I am thankful daily to have the chance to be able to be a major part of my daughters education.



Sunday, May 29, 2011

I need to start updating weekly again

wow its been a whole month since I posted. I had no intentions on waiting so long. Jenna did school the whole month of May. I have seen such a maturity in her when it comes to schooling. She doesn't give me a hard time at all, just sits right done and does her work.

Math- She finished up her Horizon math K book 2 earlier this month. She has been working on her addition math facts and I will be also adding some subtraction ones as well. If she continues working on them, maybe she will have them mastered by fall.

Reading- She is still doing very well, I think that I should start challenging her more with harder books. I wish that she would like to read independantly, but it hasn't happened yet.

Spelling - spelling workout B - I pretest her on monday and whatever words she gets wrong are her spelling words for the week. By the end of the week she spells them all correctly and if not I add them to the following week.

Geography - Jenna drew the world map and labled all the continents. She knows all the continents, which one is ours and the countries in North America. I need to figure out where to go with geography next.
Writing - She writes daily for herself, but I need to get my rear in gear and have her doing some formal on the lines writing.
Science - we are study plants. We have read alot and did some worksheets. She is doing an experiment with been plants right now.
Thats about it. I am going to try to start including more to her schooling and to start posting more.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

homeschooling through a divorce

Divorce has been one of the hardest things I ever delt with in my life. Unfortunatly Jenna's homeschooling has gotten the short end of the stick. Adjusting to everything has been a slow process for both of us. But we need to get back to our daily routines which includes school. So what better way to start but at the beginning of a brand new month. So with the start of May, we will begin school again on Monday. Of course Jenna is not to thrilled about starting school, so I am going to plan some fun for after school. Yes I am going to bribe her with some fun if she doesn't give me a hard time during school.

Reading has been here and there as well. But a couple of days ago we began reading daily once again. I was very pleased with how well she read. I was thankful that the lack of daily reading didn't set her back. It was so easy with everything going on for me to give in when she protest reading, but not no more she can complain all she wants,lol, we are reading every day.

Spelling is still improving daily through her own personal writing that she likes to do. We will be doing spelling ball once again for some of her words she uses alot in her writing.

Writing, well what can I say my daughter loves to write. The girl writes daily. She has been bugging me to learn cursive writing, so I guess we will be starting that some time soon. I will still work with her printing as well, she needs some practice using the line paper (which she doesn't like to use).

Math Horizon k is almost done she has a handful of lessons left. We will also be working on her addition and subtraction math facts. I feel that the young elementary age is best for learning these.

Art will be going on in May. We plan on doing a spring art show at some point.So we need to do that before summer.

Thats what is planned for now. But who knows once we get back in school mode we may add on more.I am really looking forward to starting up again. I think getting back into a routine will be good for both of us. I also hope to be posting on this blog more next month.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

quick update

Homeschooling has been very light this month. We have worked on the basics and then just had some fun together playing. We have alot of life changes going on so it's hard to say how much schooling will get done in April. No matter what we will continue with the basics and just enjoy having fun playing.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

slowing things down was just what Jenna needed

We took it easy all week and it worked out good. We had a four day week. She worked on Math(Horizons k book 2 and online math facts), reading, writing and geography practice online. Next week is winter break for the schools around here, so we will have another light week. She will begin working on some art projects for her upcoming art show.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Just a quick update

It was another 4 day week, which is okay because Jenna is already doing school work that was for next year. We had a rough start to the week, she had a couple days filled with some tears and groans of not wanting to do school. So we took it super easy this week. I am going to do the same this coming week. We will be covering math and reading, but I am not going to push her to do more unless she wants too. At this age, I believe it is best to go at the childs pace and right now she needs to slow down. Oh and we will make sure to have fun everday as always.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

4 day week once again

Well it is now February and it's getting closer to spring. This week was almost the same as last week. Jenna and I spent the beginning of the week outside playing after school, but then the temps got too cold once again to play outside. Not much to say about this school week, it seems redundant, I need to mix things up a bit.

Math - Horizon K book 2 - not too much left in this workbook. I only had her do two lessons. She also worked on her math facts.

Reading - Explode the code 3 - she did one lesson. She will be done with this workbook by the end of the month. She also read aloud.

Spelling - Spelling workout B - she is working on lesson 7. We are going to continue with this lesson next week.

Grammer - First language lessons 1 - she loves her lessons.She has mastered the common and proper nouns it was a proud moment for her.

Writing - Writing with ease 1 - She doesn't like the copy work or the narration too much, but it needs to be done so she does it.

Geography - She is ready to go to Asia next, she has mastered North America.

Like I said it was a short week.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The last full week of January

Wow, this month has really gone by fast. Jenna and I are in the middle of building a snow fort. We hope to continue working on it everyday next week. Jenna had another good week of school. I found a fun way to go over math facts with her. We use her hopscotch mat and she jumps on the number that is the answer. Soon enough I will be timing her to see how fast she can get the answers.

Here is what she did this week

Math - Horizon k book 2 - she did 4 lessons, reviewed math facts and money.

Reading - Explode the code book 3 - she did 2 lessons. She also read aloud.

Spelling - Spelling workout B - We are on lesson 5. She struggled at the beginning of the week with bread and said, but by the end of the week she knew all her spelling words. So we did the Jenna got a 100 spelling dance.

Grammer - First language lessons 1 - She really enjoys this. So far she has memorized 2 poems. Knows the definition of a noun. And she is starting to be able to pick out common and proper nouns.

Writing- Writing with ease 1 - We did four lessons. She would rather not do this, but copy work and narration is important so we do it.

Geography - She is still just working on knowing the seven continents (which she she knows very well now). She nows north,south,east and west. She is also working on knowing the countries in North America. Then we will move on to a different continent. I still want to make a salt map with her. I really need to research about this online.

For some reason we did not do Art this week. I did clean off my big table so we can get creative next week. I am looking forward to making some valantines with her.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

A 4 day school week

This was a short school week, but Jenna still got a weeks work of school work done.

Math - Horizon k book 2 - she did 4 lessons this week and some addition/subtraction math fact reviews. She also worked on some money review.

Reading - Explode the code book 3 - 2 lessons completed. She also did some reading aloud and some reading by herself  without me asking her too. I love seeing her do that.

Spelling - Spelling workout B - She did two word lists for spelling. So that is 20 words. She missed 2 on her spelling test on friday, have and skin. She does know how to spell have now, but for some reason she keeps putting a c in skin.

Grammer - She really loves her grammer lessons. We reviewed nouns - she is learning about person and place nouns. She seems to be understanding for the most part which are common nouns and proper nouns. She also remembered most of her second poem that she needs to memorize. Oh, and she is learning to answer in complete sentences. She needs some input from me at times about answering in complete sentences, but other times she remembers herself.

Writing - Writing with ease level 1 - She is doing very well with her copy work and her narrations.

Geography - She is doing very well when it comes to memorizing the continets and such.

Art - Artistic pursuit preschool - She did a lesson, which was fingerpainting. I really want to incorporate more art into our week.

It was a good week. I hope to have more planned out for next month. Some of my upcoming lessons are on hold because I don't have the books I want, so I will be searching for some new lessons. Maybe incorporating some science into our week. Jenna does like experiments.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Week 2 and the 100th day of school

Jenna finished up her second week of school and she is already ahead of what I had planned for her. She also celebrated the 100th day of school on Friday. After she finished up her school work, we had some fun with 100. We gathered up some items and sorted them into piles of 100. Then we got out the balance scale and had some fun. We first made some prediction of which items would be heavier and then weighed them to see who was right. After we were done, she made a picture using 100 pieces of pasta. We also had some fun balancing on one leg while counting to 100. She counted by 5's and 10's as well.

Here's what we did this week

Math - Horizon k book 2 - She did 4 lessons this week, there was some word problems (which is new to her and she did great). I also had her reviewing her math facts, addition up to 3's and subtraction up to 2's. She reviewed money as well.

Reading - Explode the code book 3 - she completed 2 lessons. She also read everday and fluency is really improving.

Writing - Writing with ease - She is doing really good with her copy work. As of right now, I have her doing this 2 times a week, 2 lessons at a time.

Grammer - FLL1 - I like that she asks to do this. She is already on lesson 15. She knows what a noun is and memorized her first poem last week. She is exited that a new poem will be introduced next week for her to memorize. I am already seeing some improvement on her narration.

Spelling - Spelling workout B - The first day I introduced the words, she got most of them right. She did get two wrong. The first was also, she added two l's and then she got get wrong started with a c, but she realized after she spelled it, it was wrong. She does spelling a few times a week, spelling ball 1 or 2 days and workbook pages 1 day. We test on the last day of week and she got them all right again this week.

Vocabulary - Wordly wise k - We only do one lesson a month. One lesson lasts one or two weeks. She really likes this program.

Art - Artistic pursuit preschool level - She loves this as well. She does on lesson a week, but wants more. So maybe next week I will let her do two. I am also planning some art lessons from some online resources. Our thinking is to have an art show sometime.

Geography - Jenna now knows the seven continents. She has a map that I covered up the names of the continents and she tells me which is which. Then she likes to turn the map over and visually tell me were each continent is on the map. There's a place online that she plays a continent game as well. We also reviewed the difference between map and globe. Talked again about north,south,east, and west. She will learn about the countries in North America, then she will start her world travel to different countries. I am thinking of starting with China because the chinesse New Year is coming up. And at some point we will be drawing the world map, starting with blobs for the continents.

So all in all Jenna had a good week. I am very proud of her and so happy to be able to homeschool her.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

First week back to school

Wow, I am surprised on how well Jenna did adjusting back to school this week. I wasn't sure what to excpect after being off for a whole month. But she did great. So far she is liking all the new curriculium. We ended up starting up everything, but the prehistory. Not what I had originally planned. I thought I would have to ease her into all the new curriculium.

Here's what she did this week

Math - Horizon K book 2 - she did 2 lessons and lots of math fact review. She alos reviewed money, telling time and wholes/halves.

Reading - Explode the code book 3 - she did 2 lessons and lots of reading.

Spelling - Spelling Workout B - We played spelling ball and did some of the spelling exercises in the book. She got two of the ten words wrong the first day we did a pretest(this was before I showed her the words for the week) and then got all of them correct on her spelling test Friday.

Grammer -First language lessons level 1 She did 5 lessons - she learned the definition of a noun - memorized her first poem (I will try to get a video of her reciting her poem). - and some narriation.

Vocabulary - Wordly wise K - She learned 10 new words. We read a story, learned the words meanings, worked in the workbook and read a poem.

Writing - Writing with ease level 1 - We did two weeks of lessons in one week - She did her copy work, which taught her about capitailization at the beginning of the sentence, proper word spacing and punctuation at the end. She also did some narriation.

Geography - We talked about north,south, east,west and the 7 continents. Read Me on the map. Talked abouth the difference between a mpa and a globe.

Art - Artistic pursuit preschool - She did her first lesson. Using crayons, she did a beautiful picture of flowers in a vase and added some bugs. I bought her a sketch pad to use for this.

I am very please with how well she did this week. Prehistory won't be started until I purchase the two books that I want. I am considering trying song school latin eventually, I think that she would love it. We also had some fun in the snow this week, played wii just dance kids and nickeledeon fit. And crafted some snowflakes out of coffee filters.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011

A new year and a fresh start of the second half of the school year. Jenna will be starting on Monday. I spent some of the week organizing the new curiculium and packing away some of the old. I was surprised at the big stack of papers that she has from the first half of the school year. I love seeing how much she has improved in her writing since the beginning of the year.