Saturday, April 30, 2011

homeschooling through a divorce

Divorce has been one of the hardest things I ever delt with in my life. Unfortunatly Jenna's homeschooling has gotten the short end of the stick. Adjusting to everything has been a slow process for both of us. But we need to get back to our daily routines which includes school. So what better way to start but at the beginning of a brand new month. So with the start of May, we will begin school again on Monday. Of course Jenna is not to thrilled about starting school, so I am going to plan some fun for after school. Yes I am going to bribe her with some fun if she doesn't give me a hard time during school.

Reading has been here and there as well. But a couple of days ago we began reading daily once again. I was very pleased with how well she read. I was thankful that the lack of daily reading didn't set her back. It was so easy with everything going on for me to give in when she protest reading, but not no more she can complain all she wants,lol, we are reading every day.

Spelling is still improving daily through her own personal writing that she likes to do. We will be doing spelling ball once again for some of her words she uses alot in her writing.

Writing, well what can I say my daughter loves to write. The girl writes daily. She has been bugging me to learn cursive writing, so I guess we will be starting that some time soon. I will still work with her printing as well, she needs some practice using the line paper (which she doesn't like to use).

Math Horizon k is almost done she has a handful of lessons left. We will also be working on her addition and subtraction math facts. I feel that the young elementary age is best for learning these.

Art will be going on in May. We plan on doing a spring art show at some point.So we need to do that before summer.

Thats what is planned for now. But who knows once we get back in school mode we may add on more.I am really looking forward to starting up again. I think getting back into a routine will be good for both of us. I also hope to be posting on this blog more next month.