Saturday, November 27, 2010

Short week

This was a short week. One more full week of school and then we will be taking a break. Well sort of, Jenna will continue to read everyday and have a quick math review here and there. But the rest of our days will be filled with christmas decorating, crafting, baking,and enjoying a much needed break.She is very excited to get our christmas tree up and decorated.

Math- Horizon k book 2 - We did two pages this week and some review. So we are up to lesson 129.

Reading - Wow, she is really becoming fluent with her reading. She is now able to read an entire book in a short amount of time. She worked on a couple of lessons in ETC book 2. We will be finishing this up and will start a new ETC book after the holidays.

Writing - She did a couple of pages in Hand writing without tears 1st grade book.

We read a bunch of Thanksgiving books this past week.

Jenna has been very busy writing stories. I am impressed with what she is able to spell on her own and the way she always has the right punctuation. Most of the time she has a capital at the beginning of the sentence as well. And her drawings are really good, she didn't get her drawing ability from me.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

4 day week and my little girl turned 5!

Sunday night after Jenna went to sleep, I decorated the house for her birthday. I put up streamers, balloons, the family wrote birthday messages on pink posted notes and made her a sign for her door. She was very excited when she woke up. I gave her the day off from school. We played all day.

Math - Horizon K book2 - we did two lessons this week and review on the other days. She is on lesson 126. We are still reviewing money and working on understanding adding quarters with dimes. She hasn't grasped that concept yet.

Reading - Lots of reading going on. She is also working on ECT book2 for review. She did two lessons this week. She also did a couple of pages from her school zone grade 1-3 phonics workbook.

Writing - Handwriting without tears - I only had her do a couple of pages this week.

That is all we did this week. I think she is ready for a break. Next week will be a short week. Then maybe a couple of weeks in December, then we will be on our Christmas break. We will be working on christmas gift making and crafting in December.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Week 16 - An amazing week and my daughters last school week of being 4 years old.

This is the last school week that my daughter will be 4 years old. Monday my little girl will be turning 5.

Jenna finished Ordinary Parents Guide To Teaching Reading this week. I am so proud of my little girl. She was very excited and proud of herself, as well. We had a pizza hut pizza and breadsticks celebration in honor of her achievement. She also received an award and some balloons. She is reading her Arthur chapter books and couldn't be happier.

Math - Horizon book 2 - We are now on lesson 124, reviewing telling time to quarter after the hour, some subtraction using the number line(some she uses the number line and others she gets without using it), some money review(we do our own money review too, the only thing she needs to work on is adding quarters and dimes together), and working with place value. She also has been working on her addition facts, 2's and 3's (2's are almost mastered) and 1's and 2's subtraction.

Reading - OPGTR is now done. She has filled that spot with reading her chapters books aloud to me during school. She is also doing some phonic worksheets from a school zone phonics grade 1-3. And we pulled out Explode the Code book 2 (she didn't like doing this at the beginning of the year), but now she likes it. I think this will be a good phonics review for her. I plan on using all the workbooks, as long as she continues to like them. And of course we have our night time reading. At the end of each month she gets an ice cream treat for reading the entire month.

Writing - Handwriting without tears - We continue to do this four times a week. And now that we are using explode the code, we get some extra writing practice. She looks forward to cursive, but I am trying to hold her off until first grade.

She was still sick this week with a cold, so we just stuuck to the basics. Starting next week we will be talking about Thanksgiving and hopefully get some fun crafting done.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Week 15 ( 74 days, so far)

We stuck to just the basics this week. My little girl was not feeling good for most of the week. By thursday she had the flu and was out of commision for the whole day. She missed her first day of school.

This is what she did this week

Math- Horizon k book 2 - lesson 120 - she only has 40 lessons left in the book. She does very well with this math program. It looks like she will be doing the first grade horizons sometime this school year. She also did her addition math facts 1's and 2's. And her subtration math facts 1's. Money review for our coins, she still gets messed up sometimes when finding the total amount when quarters and other coins are added.

Reading - Ordinary parents guide to teaching reading - She is doing great, She has 15 lessons to go. She is excited to be almost done with her phonic lessons. She reached one of her goals this week, she was able to read her first Arthur chapter book. We took turns reading it. I am so amazed and proud of my little girl. When we are done with our phonic lessons, we are going to review using some phonic worksheets and some white board word fun that she is making up for us to use as review.

Writing- She only did a couple of handwriting without tears pages this week.

Spelling- We played our spelling ball game(if you miss catching the ball, then you have to spell a word). I had her spelling words with the silent e. She spelled them all right. She learned her first spelling rule. That all words have at least one vowel. I am going to have her write spelling rules in a spelling notebook, once I get her one that is.

Other than I just read her some of her favorite books and snuggled with her on the couch. She now seems to be getting a cold. So I am not sure what this coming week will include besides the basics.