Sunday, August 5, 2012

IHIP done

Thank goodness I was able to finish up Jennas IHIP for the school system. Now let's just hope they accept it with no problems. Last year for K was alot easier. This year all subjects are to be reported on. I give the school system just what the laws require and nothing more.

Now the good times begin of organizing and planning the school year. Takes me a month to do that. So I better get my rear in gear lol. September will be here before i know it.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Summer 2012

We took the month of July off and are doing a light summer session. Then in September 1st grade will begin. I really like the fact of schooling year round, it works for us.
This is what our scheduling of our school year. We start the end of July with reviewing the basics, and then in September we start the new grade level. School is a full day, five days a week. If she gets alot done by the 4th day then sometimes we have a short day on the 5th day. We have a break on November 15th for Jenna's birthday, Thanksgiving week we take 2 days off, December is at least a two or three week break, my birthday in February deserves a day off, lol, and then we take most of July off. Of course there will be days that come up that we may have to take off because life is unpredictable.
This is what we have going on for first grade.

Horizion grade 2 book 1 and 2 some timed addition and subtraction math sheets and flash cards

 Spelling workout C

Grammar -
 continue with First Language Lessons 2

Writing -
continue with Writing With Ease 2 and penpals

Reading -
8 to 10 chapter books that we will read aloud, 8 to 10 chapter books for her independant reading, Science/history books that we will read aloud and  Any books of her choice for free reading at night.


Science -
Human body (Real Science Odyssey Life) and Animals (Kingfisher First Encylopedia of animals) and lots of reading supplements on each topic. And a nature study using The nature connection and various nature books,

History -
Story of the world 1 and activity book 1. Lots of supplement reading as well.
Geography -
continue using the weekly readers Mapskills for today and Using maps in your neighborhood grade 2. And using geography from The Core teaching your child the
foundations of classical education

Health -       
Personal hygiene, good eating habits, diseases, and general saftey rules 

Physical Ed -
Wii sports, Wii fit, bike riding, walking, cardio workouts and sports.

Art -
 How to teach children art and online art sites

Music -
Classics for kids

Tea time - which will be filled with poetry reading and writing.

I am reading bravewriter and I am so inspired by it, Also The Well Trained Mind has been the inspiration to give my daughter a classical education.
It is going to be a busy and full year. Looking forward to the growth I will see this school year in my daughter's academics and everyday life.