Sunday, October 16, 2011

week of the October 10th

Another successful week here.

Math - Reviewed coins, addition facts and did 5 lessons in her Horizon 1st grade book 1(learned to add double digits)

Reading - Finished up Ramona and her Father, read lots of fall books together. And she did alot of reading on her own throughout the week.

Spelling - She did lesson 17 in Spelling Workout B, she can spell all the words coorect except for people, for some reason she keeps putting an a instead of o. This coming week is review so hopefully by the end of the week she will get that word spelled correctly.

Writing - Writing with Ease 1 narration is slowly getting somewhat better, copy work is okay when she takes her time.

Grammer - First Language Lessons 1 - finished up learning about Pronouns, she loved it. reviewed all her poems she learned so far.

Handwriting - Daily writing Today is, month, date and year. Sometimes I add a second sentence for her to copy about the weather or something that has happened.

Geography - Worked in her Weekly Reader, she learned about map symbols, how to read them and to locate them on a map.

Art -            she made a cute owl and scarecrow for our Fall wall.

Science - read a lets read and find out book about leaves.

It was a good week.

Friday, October 7, 2011

2 week post

I forgot to blog last week. So this will be a two week update. Jenna's excitement about school this year is priceless.  Everyone was telling me to put her in school, but I had no doubt that schooling her at home was the right thing to do. In school she would not be thriving academically as she is at home. And for the socialization part which seems to bother people more about homeschooling than the academics, well there are many other resources for her to thrive socially. Now I have two older girls that attended public school and I know for a fact that homeschooling wouldn't of been a good fit for them. Some of my favorite parts about homeschooling is that I know my daughter better than anyone else, so I know what works and what doesn't. I know her learning style and can   pick her curriculum to fit that learning style. She is in K this year, but is in a different grade level in most of her subjects. I love that she gets one on one attention in all her subjects. We can get a day of school done in shorter time than public school and accomplish much more.  Also, sleeping in, staying in jammies and eating while going over math facts or money is all advantages. But the best part of all is playing a major role in my daughters education and seeing all her acomplishments first hand.

Okay enough of that, now about Jenna's schooling the last two weeks.

Math - Horizon book 1 1st grade we ended with lesson 35 and she is excited to start adding double digits next week. We also did some addition math facts, money and some apple graphing.

Reading - She finished up Ramona and her Mother and started Ramona and her Father today. And lots and lots of fall books. Explode the Code book 7 is done yeah, Jenna is happy that we are almost done with explode the code, one more book to go.

Spelling - Spelling book B lesson 15 and 16 completed. She loves the profreading the best.

Grammer - First Language Lessons 1 she finished up nouns and made a poster to show what she learned.  4 poems memorized and working on the 5th she has it almost all memorized. Also did some worksheets here and there for reinforcement.

Writing - Writing with Ease book 1 - she doesn't mind the copy work but doesn't like the nararation, but isn't bad at it. we also worked on some worksheets about sentences in their proper form. And some unscramble the sentence sheets.

Vocabulary - Wordly Wise K she did one lesson

Geography - We did some review and started working on a weekly reader grade 2 that I picked up at a yard sale. She really enjoys it.

Leaves and apples have been our science and art the past two weeks. She made some really cool coffee filter leaves for our big tree on our fall wall, made some trees out of papertowel rolls to go with what we learned in The Seasons Of Arnold's Apple Tree, made an apple man, a tree with pencil eraser apples, learned about our 5 senses with the apples, wrote an acrostic poem about apples, made an apple man and did some apple picking and growing sequencing.

Penpal - She finally started writing to one of her penpals again this week.

Well that's about it. We have had lots of learning and fun these past two weeks.