Friday, January 6, 2012

First school week of 2012

Jenna started back to school on Tuesday. I was a little worried after being off from school for over a week and sleeping in, how she was going to behave when break was over. But she did wonderful, actually I think a break was just what she needed. She got right down to business and got right back in the grove of things.

Math - Horizon first grade book 2, she did 4 lessons this week. And we reviewed addition flash cards daily and did a quick review on her coins on Tuesday.

Spelling - She didn't do a lesson in spelling workout book b this week, instead we did our own words, which were the days of the week. She copied words on Tuesday, reviewed on Wednesday, alphabetized them on thursday and reviewed and tested today. As a bonus we added the abbreviation of each day of the week.

Grammer - First language lessons level 1, she did 4 lessons this week and reviewed all her poems she has learned so far. She did very well reciting each poem. She learned about abbreviations, she did very well, reviewed pronouns and nouns.

Writing- She didn't do Writing with Ease 1 this week instead I had her do copy work from her narrations that she did after doing her science reading. She also did some copying of spelling words and penpal writing.

Reading- Well she got some more Ramona books and Diary of the Whimpy Kid for Christmas, so she has been reading those for school independant reading time. Yes she has two chapter books going on at one time, that's my girl she likes a variety. As far as reading aloud time we have read books on dinosaurs and fossils this week.

Science- We are studying dinosaurs, she read about them, narrarated to me what she learned, then I wrote it down for her to copy. She also drew pictures to go with her narrations. She learned about fossils and made her own fossils.

Art-  Drawing was a daily thing her for Science and her penpal got a beautiful drawing. Also she made me a girl snowman to go with my boy snowman that she made me last year. It is on our winter board.

Gym - We both did some Wii fit and Just Dance Kids.

She also worked on her dictionary skills looking up words from her reading that she didn't know the meaning of. It was a good week.


My name is Tiffany said...

Wow great week mom!

Cara said...

That IS a great week! Good job!

MissMOE said...

Great start after your break. I often have two or three books going as well.