Monday, August 26, 2013

Goodbye home schooling, Hello public school!

With sadness in my heart, I will no longer be homeschooling Jenna. She will be attending public school and will be in second grade. She is very excited and is ready for this. Me not so much. I am proud of who she has become after all she has been through these past couple of years. A year ago she would of never been ready for public school. I know this is the right decision I have made, she will thrive and I will be able to go to work while she is at school. My ultimate goal is to take care of my daughter and to raise her to be a well adjusted adult some day. meanwhile giving her the best childhood I can give her and being a good role model.So with that said, I am thankful to have had the opportunity to have home schooled her and have a bond with her not only as a mom, but as a teacher as well. Best of luck to my Jenna, may your transition go smoothly into your new school. love you so much!

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